D&L Garage Doors Boise Idaho

Terms of service

To provide greater transparency, and to establish the terms of service between our company and our community, this protective contract covers every customer. We, D&L Garage Doors, are entering into this agreement with you, the customer. These terms “you” & “we” will be used to discuss the customer & our company, respectively.

We want you to fully understand any recommendations that we offer. You have the right to approve or deny all or part of any of the services we recommend and can receive a second opinion on any of our recommendations. D&L Garage Doors is not responsible for any charges incurred for estimates or work completed by any other company, technician, or individual not associated and authorized by our organization, unless explicitly listed in writing.

You understand that immediately upon the completion of the authorized work, that you will be responsible for the total invoiced amount. Unless arranged with our company in advance, payment will be due at the date and time of D&L Garage Doors choosing, typically on site once work is completed.

You understand that any warranty for parts covers the cost of the parts only and is still subject to our standard minimum service charge (Currently $89.00.) This service charge is subject to change without notice unless otherwise specified in writing. This fee is to cover the labor, time, & gas to return for any service or repair not covered under the company or manufacturer warranty.

Warranties will only cover parts that fail through regular use approved by the manufacturer’s design. Acts of God, collisions, negligence, intentional damage, & damages caused from improper care of or disregard for regular maintenance of the garage door will not be covered. To schedule an appointment for warranty claim call (208) 650-4304 and D&L Garage Doors can start this process.

Unless stated in writing, D&L Garage Doors provides a 30-day warranty covering our labor for every on-site repair. If after 30 days an unreported problem persists, you will be subject to a standard service call fee ($89.00) to come out to assess your situation. This rate is also subject to change without notice unless otherwise specified in writing.

You understand that any warranties issued by D&L Garage Doors are non-transferrable and stay with the original purchaser. It cannot transfer to another owner unless otherwise stated in writing. We do not warranty the work of any technician who is not an employee of D&L Garage Doors. Furthermore, any warranties covering the work performed by D&L Garage Doors are voided when work is performed on the warrantied garage door by anyone other than an authorized representative of D&L Garage Doors.

D&L Garage Doors requires a 50% deposit on all new door purchases. This non-refundable deposit of 50% of the total invoice will secure your purchase with the supplier. After 3 business days, any cancellations by you, the customer, will result in a restocking and cancellation fee of 25% of the total invoice. Custom door orders are non-refundable and cost of the door must be paid in full at the time of order.

For any checks returned from the bank unpaid for any reason there is a $35.00 charge on top of the original amount owed. If such occurs, D&L Garage Doors shall be entitled to demand and be paid in the form of a cashier’s check or money order. In the event of default, under the terms of this agreement, you, the customer, will be responsible for all collection fees or court costs along with any attorney’s fees resulting from the default. Should litigation or arbitration be required to settle any claim arising from this agreement, the prevailing party in any dispute shall be awarded all their reasonable attorney fees and costs. Costs can include expert witness fees, arbitration, fees paid to investigators, or other associated court costs, without limitation.

D&L Garage Doors is not responsible for any future damages to your door that may result from not following the technician’s on-site recommendations. Our technician is evaluating the garage door and opener at the time of inspection. There is no guarantee of the length of time a part will continue to be in proper working order past this initial inspection.

D&L Garage Doors advises that operators can become overly strained or worn when a door is improperly balanced. There is no way to detect the longevity of any operator due to this type of possible strain. There is no guarantee or warranty on a strained/worn operator. because the door and motor are separate entities. Work on one does not guarantee the other will function correctly.

By scheduling an appointment, you are consenting to pay D&L Garage Doors a mandatory minimum service fee of $89.00. This service call can go towards or cover the cost to align safety eyes, adjust force and travel settings on operators, and reprogram remotes/keypads or other services as needed but these services are not and should never be considered free. D&L does not offer free service on any non-warrantied work and it is.

D&L Garage Doors does not directly warranty any operators we sell. All warranties provided are from the manufacturer. We do not dictate the terms and conditions of these manufacturer issued warranties. D&L Garage Doors may facilitate manufacturer warranty issues (when possible) but we do charge a service call for this courtesy. Please consult your manufacturer’s manual or website for more information about their specific warranties.

D&L Garage doors cannot be held liable with respect to any damage or costs resulting from the malfunction of the door, operator, or other garage door components. Our technicians will not leave until the door is properly functioning. Any malfunction that would occur after our technician has left the site can be caused by any number of factors not attributed to our work. This release pertains to any structural, physical, or property damage of any kind within the customer dwelling, garage, and/or property lines.