WE SELL ONLY BELT DRIVE GARAGE DOOR OPENERS – We respectfully decline selling any screw or chain drive garage door openers, thanks for your understanding.

Please Note: *7ft is standard garage door height, additional cost may apply for garage doors taller than 7ft.
**Manufacturer packages include the opener unit, a 7’belt rail and one remote (unless advertised otherwise below.) See additional costs at the bottom of this page.

Please Note: We’re at D&L Garage Doors believe that being honest, Transparent and upfront is the very best way to start a relationship with our customers! and it is truly the right thing to do!  Being one of the highest rated companies in the Treasure Valley that’s was always our main goal, Although we know and fully aware that while we may not be the cheapest company around we definitely try our best to provide each and every customer with the highest level of  garage door repair & installation services possible. We really believe in “getting the job done the right way on the first trip” and not doing it the “cheap” or “half-fast” way where the customer needs more repairs in a week or month or so. We want customers for “life” but not that way! We really believe that by fully disclosing our pricing on our website as you can see on this web page we can eliminate any misunderstanding or discrepancy for all of our valued customers.

When you call D&L Garage Doors you can expect a very knowledgeable garage door technician that will fully inspect your door and provide you with the best recommendation to replace or repair ONLY what is needed!

Our goal is to always be Honest, Up Front and Transparent about our pricing. If you have any further questions, Please don’t hesitate and call us anytime we would love to answer any questions you may have.

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Please Note: Our company charges a 3% card transaction fee for any credit card or debit card purchases. This is a direct charge from the card processing company and will be charged on top of any transactions made with any debit or credit card. D&L Garage Doors is not responsible for this non-refundable charge and it can not be waived. To avoid this 3% charge you can always use check and/or cash.
We apologize for any inconvenience and thank you for understanding.

Below you can find a list of garage door openers we sell, install & recommend.