Can D&L Garage Doors Install a Home Depot Opener? Spoiler Alert: Absolutely!

Choosing a suitable garage door opener enhances your home’s functionality and security. Many homeowners wonder whether it’s possible to have a Home Depot garage door opener installed by a local company they trust, like D&L Garage Doors. The short answer? Absolutely! In this post, we’ll explore the common queries we receive about purchasing from big-box retailers versus local garage door dealers, the benefits of professional installation, cost considerations, warranty information, and the advantages of opting for D&L Garage Doors for your installation needs, including faster response  times.  D&L Garage Doors can Install a Home Depot Opener

Pros & Cons and Choosing the Right Retailer for Your Garage Door Opener: Home Depot vs. D&L Garage Doors

Where to purchase your garage door opener is a critical decision beyond price, impacting installation quality, long-term usability, and overall satisfaction. Below, we compare the pros and cons of buying from a national retailer like Home Depot against opting for a specialized local dealer such as D&L Garage Doors.

Buying from Home Depot


  • Ubiquity: The convenience of Home Depot’s widespread locations is unbeatable for those who prefer to shop in person.
  • Cost Savings: Home Depot’s frequent sales and promotions can offer significant financial savings on your purchase.


  • Generic Service: Home Depot’s staff, knowledgeable about a wide range of products, may offer something other than the specialized advice and personalized service you would receive from a local dealer. A nuanced understanding of your garage setup and opener requirements can significantly impact performance and durability.
  • Installation Outsourcing & Quality: The quality of installation services can vary greatly, as Home Depot often outsources these tasks. This could result in subpar installation by individuals who lack the expertise in garage door openers, potentially compromising the unit’s functionality and safety.
  • Warranty Handling & Complications: If you encounter issues, uninstalling the opener and returning it to the store can be daunting and inconvenient. This contrasts sharply with local dealers’ direct warranty service, which tends to be more straightforward and customer-friendly.
  • Response Time: Home Depot’s installation schedule might require you to wait at least two weeks, which could be inconvenient or problematic for your home’s security and accessibility.

Buying from a Local Garage Door Dealer like D&L Garage Doors


  • Personalized Service: D&L Garage Doors excels in providing customized service and expert advice, ensuring that your garage door opener meets your needs and performs optimally.
  • Professional Installation: By prioritizing professional installation, D&L guarantees that your opener will operate reliably and have a longer lifespan, thanks to precise attention to detail during setup.
  • Local Support: Access to prompt, local support for maintenance or issues means less downtime and inconvenience
  • Supporting Local Economy: Choosing a local company like D&L Garage Doors ensures personalized service and expert installation and contributes positively to your community’s economy. Keeping your business local, you help maintain jobs, foster community development, and support the local economy’s growth. This cycle of local spending strengthens your area, making it more prosperous and vibrant. Moreover, local businesses often reciprocate this support by investing in community projects and services, enhancing the quality of life for everyone in the area.


  • Potentially Higher Costs: The initial cost of purchasing from a local dealer may be higher than at big-box retailers. However, this is an investment in quality installation and long-term performance, potentially saving you money on repairs, maintenance, and energy efficiency.

Understanding the pros and cons of purchasing from Home Depot versus a local dealer like D&L Garage Doors allows you to choose that best fits your needs. Whether your priority is cost, the quality of service, or the speed and ease of support, carefully consider each option’s benefits and drawbacks. Remember, the right decision will ensure your garage door opener’s reliable performance and longevity, contributing to your home’s security and convenience.

garage door openers from home depot or lowes

Exploring Garage Door Openers: Chamberlain vs. Genie & Installation Costs

When considering a garage door opener installation, two popular brands often come up: Chamberlain and Genie. Both offer unique benefits, but their choice can depend on your specific needs and preferences. Additionally, understanding the installation cost, the differences between chain and belt-driven openers, and the purpose of an extension kit can help you make a more informed decision.

Chamberlain vs. Genie: A Brief Comparison

Chamberlain is renowned for its reliability, innovative features, and firm performance. Many Chamberlain openers have built-in Wi-Fi, allowing users to control and monitor their garage door from anywhere via a smartphone app. They offer a smoother, quieter operation, a significant advantage for garages attached to homes.
Genie, on the other hand, offers durability and high-quality performance. Genie openers are known for their security features, such as the Intellicode security technology that changes the access code upon each use, preventing unauthorized access. They also have models that are easy to install and maintain.

Chain vs. Belt Garage Door Openers

Chain-driven openers are known for their durability and strength, making them suitable for heavy or oversized doors. However, they can be noisier during operation, which might be a consideration if noise concerns you.
Belt-driven openers offer a quieter operation than chain-driven models, making them a preferred choice for attached garages. They operate smoothly and are less likely to require maintenance but might cost slightly more.

The Extension Kit: What Is It?

An extension kit is necessary if your garage door is taller than the standard height of 7 feet. These kits allow the opener to accommodate the additional height, ensuring proper operation and safety. Whether you’re installing a Chamberlain or Genie opener, if your door exceeds the standard height, you must purchase an extension kit compatible with your specific model.

What to choose?

Choosing the suitable garage door opener involves considering brand reputation, installation costs, and the type of drive that suits your needs. Both Chamberlain and Genie offer quality options with their own set of advantages. Regarding installation, both Home Depot and Lowe’s provide professional services at competitive rates. Remember, choosing between a chain or belt-driven opener largely depends on your noise level and maintenance preference. And remember, if your garage door is taller than the average, an extension kit will be an essential addition to your installation project.
Whether you decide on a Chamberlain or Genie opener or if you opt for chain or belt-driven models, understanding these aspects will ensure that you’re well-informed to make the best choice for your home.

Installation Costs at Home Depot and Lowe’s

Home Depot Installation Costs:

The cost to install a garage door opener at Home Depot can vary based on the model of the opener, your location, and any additional customization or installation challenges. However, on average, installation services range from $127 to $199, excluding the cost of the opener itself.

Lowe’s Installation Costs:

Like Home Depot, the installation fees for garage door openers at Lowe’s can differ. Their rates are competitive, and typically, you’ll find the costs in the same ballpark as those at Home Depot. For the most precise pricing tailored to your unique requirements, obtaining a comprehensive estimate from Lowe’s is advisable.

How D&L Garage Doors Can Help

Whether you’ve already purchased your Home Depot garage door opener or are considering it, D&L Garage Doors is here to assist with professional installation services. Our team is equipped to handle any model, providing a seamless, efficient, and safe setup.


Choosing where to purchase your garage door opener and who installs it is an important decision. While buying from Home Depot offers convenience and potential cost savings, partnering with D&L Garage Doors for installation combines the best of both worlds: the selection and value of a national retailer with the expertise, personalized service, and support of a trusted local company. Don’t compromise on safety, efficiency, or peace of mind. Contact D&L Garage Doors today for your professional installation needs.

Ready to enhance your garage door with a Home Depot opener installed by the experts at D&L Garage Doors? Contact us at (208) 650-4304, visit our showroom, or book your installation online. Experience the peace of mind that comes with professional service and support from your local garage door specialists.

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