Parts Cost & The Reality Of Operating A Garage Door Repair Company

Very often, We are being asked the question: “What does the part cost?”

We’ve never been asked how much providing and maintaining an excellent level of service cost.

Let Us Explain:

D&L Garage Doors is a garage door service company. We provide a service that often requires “garage door parts”, but there is so much more.

In Reality

When our expert garage door service technician arrives at your house, it takes many important decisions, cost to get our service vehicle and materials onsite to complete the job to your satisfaction. Please consider that professional garage door tech at your home has undergone many hours of initial training as well as a variety of ongoing training and study programs to keep up to date with current technology.

At D&L Garage Doors, we take great pride in providing the most up to date training to our professionals so you can have piece of mind that the work on your garage door and/or garage door opener was performed at the best level of service.

Like any other business or a professional service provider, who has a office, staff, and the need to keep updated on the latest practices in his trade. We too have these hidden cost associated with keeping our company in peak condition to serve your home at the highest level. We stand behind our quality service!

To Summarize:

When you see your D&L Garage Door Technician service expert at work, please understand that there is so much more that goes into performing the work professionally as we want you to remain a loyal and valued client of D&L Garage Doors.

Here are just some of it:

Advertising, social media, news paper, radio and TV commercials and mainly online advertising
Insurance-Trucks, liability, fire and theft of property
Truck maintenance, operations, gas, oil and tires etc.
Periodic literature, courses and refreshers
Test equipment
Taxes, income, business, property, social security and employment compensation
Employee benefits
Office staff
Trucks and ladders etc.
Service management and administration
Quality control
Specialized training
Office equipment
Stock of replacement parts
Warehouse, shop and office rent
Stationary, office supplies and postage
Technology/ customer management software
Utilities and bills
Business expense, legal and recruitment