Did you know that garage doors need to be maintained regularly to avoid unnecessary repairs and premature wear down of the door parts and opener? Let us take care of them for you – with our VIP membership. For $169 per year, you will receive the perks of the best garage door maintenance program in the Treasure Valley.

Our goal at D&L Garage doors is to make sure your garage door system is working properly and well maintained. While we are often called out for emergency catastrophic repairs and failures, we want to prevent these unforeseen disasters from occurring in the first place. Just like any service in your house, garage doors if maintained correctly last and function much longer. Don’t wait until your garage door is broken to call us. For just $169 we will come out 3 times per year to ensure your garage doors are not only functioning to their best ability, but also safe for your household.

D&L Garage Doors Boise Idaho
D&L Garage Doors Boise

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We Recommend That You Protect And Maintain Your Investment Its Your house After All.

As Benjamin Franklin once said, “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.”

That is why we are currently offering our annual preventative maintenance plan to all our current customers. For only one annual charge of $169, we will go out to your home 3 times a year (within 12 Months of purchase of our plan***), once every 4 Months to inspect, maintain, and lubricate your system, And make sure that everything is in good working order. Up to 3 doors / openers**

VIP Membership INCLUDES:

  • 3 Visit Per Year!

    Not 1, Not 2, but YES THREE visits PER YEAR from an experienced technician to maintenance your garage doors (up to 3 doors & openers) to make sure they are in working order and performing to their top ability ( Every 4 Months).

  • VIP Customer Discounts
    • 10% discount on new garage door(s)
    • 20% off of garage door service (labor)
    • 15% off of garage door parts & products

    Need a technician at your house outside of the 3 covered periods? No problem, if you are a VIP membership customer a home visit is only $39 ($89 value).

  • Truly VIP

    Become a priority customer! you’ll get a better and faster scheduling options with guaranteed appointment within 48 hours of your initial call.

Each preventative maintenance visit will include the following, provided at no additional charge from one of our experienced garage door technicians:

  • Safety Inspection

    A complete visual safety inspection and diagnostic of all mechanical parts of the garage door system, including; the springs, cables, rollers, pulleys, and hinges.

  • Comprehensive System Diagnostic

    A comprehensive diagnostic of the garage door openers’ drive system & rail, force & limit settings, safety sensors, and overall performance.

  • Accessories Inspection

    An extensive electronic accessories inspection; including, keypads, detachable remotes, and wall buttons. (Internal car remote systems are not included with this service)

  • Door Tune-Up & Lubrication
    • Alignment of safety sensors as and if needed
    • Spring adjustment and balanced (Only if springs where replaced by D&L)
    • Door balance inspection and diagnostic
    • Lubrication of rollers, pulleys, cables, and drive mechanism as and if needed.
    • A chance to discuss upgrades and/or deferred repairs as necessary.

    *(Regular Tune-up cost can cost anywhere from $189.00-$369 per door) This is part of the preventative maintenance plan and is offered to you at NO cost to you.

Become a VIP Customer TODAY! (Available to both New & Existing Customers) D&L Garage Doors Now Offering Annual VIP preventative MEMBERSHIP PLAN for just $169 flat fee per year!

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The Fine Print:

  • We take pride in our products, repairs, and service. Admittance into the VIP membership program is contingent on the inspection and service of the door by an authorized D&L representative. If the door and motor are determined to be in good health after the technician’s initial visit, an offer to participate in the maintenance program can be offered for $169 This Plan includes three additional maintenance visits at 4, 8, and 12 months from the initial date of service.
  • This plan is a supplementary service and can only be offered by a D&L Garage Door representative at the time of a scheduled garage door repair visit.
  • Once the technician is complete with the assessment, the technician will disclose any failures they discover and discuss if any additional services are needed. This annual preventative maintenance plan does not cover the cost of replacing any damaged parts unless warranty states otherwise.
  • 4-, 8-, & 12-month appointments are approximations of return visit. Appointments are contingent on technician availability.

**D&L’s VIP Membership Plan is good towards up to three doors and three operators per one location. Doors and openers must be at the same physical address as the initial service was done and is non-transferrable in case of sale or loss of the property. Non-refundable and non-transferable.

David T. | Service Manager

David T. | Service Manager

Idaho RCE – 42914
D&L Garage Doors Boise Idaho

What’s Included? VIP Maintenance Plan

Our VIP Maintenance plan includes a full inspection of the garage door spring system, cables, rollers, pulleys and drums, a complete door safety and balance check, and a full system lubrication. We will discuss any issues we discover. If the door’s health is in jeopardy, we can address any small issues before they evolve into a costly repair.

Preventative Maintenance Why Is It Important?

Do you like the idea of having a warranty on a product you just purchased? If so, read this: As most manufacturer warranties are very vague about what is needed for the customer to stay in compliance with their program. Some garage door manufactures state that the garage door or garage door part under warranty needs to undergo routine inspection to maintain compliance but doesn’t offer any further details.

We’ll make sure that that our customers ‘manufacturer’s warranties’ stay valid for their lifetime, with the VIP membership, as well as any D&L Garage Door’s warranty provided for past garage door products and services.

D&L Garage Doors What Can I Expect?

When your technician arrives, you can expect a licensed, bonded, and professional technician equipped to address your garage door repair and installation concerns. The technician will perform a complete diagnostic of up to three garage doors at the location, ensuring that all components are lubricated and working properly. A complete inspection of up to 3 garage door motors at the same residential location will be performed. The technician will check the operation and settings of your system and be able to fine-tune your motor’s settings and lubricate, as necessary, to optimize it’s daily use. If there are any problems the technician discovers during this diagnostic and inspection, we can let you know so the repairs can be addressed before they become too costly.

While a normal inspection and residential garage door maintenance can easily cost more than $169, with this plan, you are receiving 3 free visits (over $500 in value), plus the peace of mind that your door is in the hands of your local garage door repair experts. Our VIP Maintenance Plan is the perfect product for anyone who hates being surprised by an untimely, expensive and emergent garage door repair!


Normal garage door repair maintenance can cost a few hundreds of dollars for each visit for each door, not to mention an unfamiliar face with whoever may be available ASAP. By enrolling in our annual preventative garage door maintenance program, you are not only saving money on the regular maintenance you are receiving, but also on the garage door and opener repairs you are avoiding in the future by following a routine preventative maintenance schedule. You can ensure your door lasts for years to come with our garage door experts looking out for you. And you will receive the service from a professional and friendly technician, we try and honor requests of specific technicians when available.

Depending on the door, size, and quantity at your location, the direct cost of a garage door tune-up and lubrication services can vary and become expense fast. So get to know your garage doors and the technicians serving them, sign up today for annual VIP PREVENTATIVE MAINTENANCE PLAN!

The Benefit Of Our Annual VIP Preventative MEMBERSHIP Plan

With our program is that you’re getting one annual FLAT price of $169 for 3 more visit within a 12 months period of your initial service appointment and up to 3 doors / opener** (that means a professional garage door technician will be looking at your door 4 times in one in 1 year***)

With our plan we offer the homeowner / landlord something that’s called a “Peace-Of-Mind” and in our opinion that the end of the the day this is worth a lot more and is much less expensive then replace the entire garage door or garage door opener and any other common repairs for neglect and deferred maintenance reasons.