garage door maintenance boise

Garage Door Maintenance Boise, ID

We have almost 10 years of experience with garage door service.  D&L Garage Doors in Boise, ID can take care of almost all of your garage door repairs. Homeowners should be having regular maintenance on their garage door systems to ensure everything is working properly and safely, let us come and do a maintenance check. Simple solutions such as lubricating moving parts could add years of life to your garage door. Of course garage door maintenance technicians understand the stresses of daily life; work, taking the kids to school, picking up the dry cleaning and you may not have time to maintain that piece of equipment, until it breaks and becomes an emergency to get your car out for the day.  At D&L Garage Doors we offer maintenance services to keep your investment working for as long as it can, and also are available for same day repairs because we know how crucial it is for your garage door to be working.

How Garage Door Maintenance Works?

Upon arrival, your garage door technician will examine your door. Wood doors will need to be checked for signs of warping or any other kind of damage (wood doors dent easily), as well as chipped or peeling paint. Steel doors may rust so we’ll check for that as well. Next, your garage door tech will check your tracks and clear any debris preventing unrestricted movement or make any adjustments if needed.

Invite Technicians To Your Home

Our D&L Garage Doors maintenance technician will test your opener’s reverse function. If your opener is older than 20 years, it may lack basic safety features like auto reverse or safety sensors which your technician would be happy to assist you in installing. If your opener is older than 20 years it may be just a good idea to upgrade to a newer one. They come with updated features already.