Garage Door Repair & Installation Services Free Estimate Disclaimer.

Here at D&L Garages Doors we are focused on the customer experience. Our goal is to be the best garage door company in Boise and the entire Treasure Valley.

We always try to provide fair, up-front pricing and employ honest and professional technicians who go out of their way to provide the best possible service experience.
We work with our customers to provide quality service at competitive pricing but never claim to be the cheapest .
Cheap service often comes at the expense of quality service. Our goal is to provide quality services and products designed to last, never taking shortcuts or cutting corners.

Realistically, the only way any reputable garage door company / technician can provide an honest, accurate estimate and recommend the best possible products and services that are needed is with an on-site inspection.

D&L recognizes that all products and pricing are not the same. We do our best to be the most competitive garage door company but we also don’t have limitless resources to send our technicians across the region to provide free written quotes on request.
As a highly rated and LOCAL garage door company we take pride in our work and would hate to waste anyone’s time!


If a non-emergency, onsite inspection is needed in our normal service area, but a customer cannot afford the service fee, we can still offer solutions. Inquire about a diagnostic check & verbal quote for repair when we are in the area. This service is not a scheduled appointment and is subject to availability.

Please note – we do not provide written documentation for any unpaid service. If you need a written quote there is a service fee which can go towards the balance if you’re having the work done.

However the last thing we want to do is “SCARE YOU OFF” and lose the opportunity to help you with your garage door issues! Please let us tell you exactly how we can help! Are you JUST looking for a quote? We can assist you in 2 ways.

  • Option 1.

    We can provide you with a price range / ballpark estimate over the phone, right now! You just need to ask for it.  We will do our best to assess the situation you describe. Please keep in mind garage door repair services are NOT “out-of-the-box” products! Every garage, garage door, or opener problem can be different.

  • Option 2.

    We can provide you with an ON-SITE CONSULT & FIRM PRICE QUOTE. This is a paid consultation (starts at $89.oo that can be applied toward the cost of the repairs if you choose to use our company while we’re on site.) and we will provide you access to our many years of garage door repair, service & installation knowledge. We will cover all aspects of the repair or replacement needed to your garage door or garage door opener.

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