D&L Garage Doors Boise Idaho

Garage Door Repair/Service Warranty Program

Available for purchase to all our existing and new customers in Boise, Idaho and the Treasure Valley Area.


D&L Garage Doors hereby warrants to the owner the labor and parts listed including the operation of the opener, rail, remotes, keypads and associated parts for the warranty period circled. Date of Service must also be noted for warranty to be in effect. This warranty is in force so long as the opener, rail, remotes, keypads and associated parts are maintained in accordance with the manufacturers operating and maintenance instructions and that reasonable annual maintenance is performed. This warranty shall be in force for the benefit of the home owner but null and void if the opener and/or associated parts have been adjusted, modified or repaired by any unauthorized technician. individual or D&L Garage Doors.

Parts Covered: ONLY parts provided and installed by D&L Garage Doors  and its representatives will be considered to be covered under any warranty provided. These installed parts can include the spring(s), torsion bar, bearing plates, cable drums, center bearing, center plate, bottom plates, cables, remotes, opener head units, rails and belts or chains. There will be an additional charge for labor for the above listed items.

A $89.00 deductible will apply to all service calls under this warranty.

For This Warranty To Be Valid The Customer Must KEEP Both The Invoice And Warranty Copies.

This warranty covers defective parts and labor for the warranty term listed starting from the date of installation. The garage door manufacturer provides their own separate warranty to you for the door and its parts and thus this warranty does NOT cover the door or its parts. This warranty also does NOT cover the door due to any malfunction or subsequent damage to the door during operation or lack thereof. We will correct any listed part that fails due to defective workmanship and, if a part is covered by the manufacturer’s warranty, we will repair or replace that defective part charging only the $89.00 deductible during the noted warranty period. This warranty applies to both new and COMPLETE overhaul of the garage door opener system. Partial overhauls or repairs do not qualify for this warranty.