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Welcome to the dedicated page for Amarr Garage Doors at D&L Garage Doors in Boise, Idaho. Here, we celebrate the longstanding tradition and excellence of Amarr. This brand has been shaping the garage door industry since 1951. Amarr is recognized globally for its superior design, manufacturing, and distribution of sectional doors for various applications, from residential garages to industrial spaces.

The History of Amarr

  • Founding: Amarr was established in 1951, marking the beginning of a journey to become one of the world’s leading garage door design and manufacturing brands.
  • Growth: Over the years, Amarr has expanded its reach, now with an extensive network of over 75 Amarr Door Centers and more than 3,000 independent dealers across the United States, Mexico, and Canada.
  • Innovation: Amarr is a part of Entrematic, a company with nearly 200 years of cumulative experience in entrance automation, showcasing Amarr’s commitment to innovation and quality.

Amarr’s Product Range

Amarr offers a wide selection of garage doors, including:

  • Traditional Steel Garage Doors: Known for their durability and timeless appeal, these doors are versatile and come in various styles.
  • Carriage House Garage Doors: Perfect for adding rustic charm, they combine the appearance of old-fashioned doors with modern functionality.
  • Contemporary Aluminum Garage Doors: These doors offer a sleek, modern look and are lightweight and low-maintenance.
  • Insulated Garage Doors: Ideal for improving energy efficiency, these doors provide excellent thermal performance and noise reduction.
  • Custom Garage Doors: Amarr provides customized solutions to match any vision or architectural style.

Elevating Boise Homes and Businesses with Amarr & D&L Garage Doors

D&L Garage Doors, a prominent service provider in Boise, Idaho, is proud to feature Amarr Garage Doors, a brand celebrated for its innovation, style, and reliability. Our partnership with Amarr allows us to deliver top-tier garage door solutions to the Boise community, enhancing the curb appeal and functionality of homes and businesses across the Treasure Valley.

Why Boise Chooses Amarr & D&L Garage Doors:

  • Local Insight: Our understanding of Boise’s unique architectural styles and climate needs means we can recommend and install Amarr doors ideally suited to our local area.
  • Quality That Stands the Test of Time: Amarr’s commitment to durability and style, combined with D&L Garage Doors’ expertise in installation and service, ensures a long-lasting and aesthetically pleasing addition to any Boise property.
  • Customized Options for Every Boise Home: With a range of styles, colors, and features, Amarr doors can be tailored to meet the specific tastes and requirements of Boise residents.
  • Energy Efficiency for Boise’s Climate: Amarr’s insulated doors offer energy efficiency, an essential feature for Boise’s varying temperatures, helping keep homes comfortable and energy costs low.

For Any Questions About Amarr Garage Doors – Contact D&L Today!

For more information or to view our collection of Amarr garage doors, visit our showroom at 3800 W Chinden Blvd, Boise, ID 83714, or contact us at (208) 650-4304.

16X8 Carriage Court CC4000 With Glass By Amarr Garage Doors

Increase Your Home’s Curb Appeal with Amarr Carriage Court CC4000. The Amarr Carriage Court CC4000 is the first Amarr residential garage door with four-layer construction. The four layers are a composite overlay, steel exterior, polystyrene insulation, and steel interior. The polystyrene interior and steel interior backing provide energy efficiency and noise reduction. The 2″ thick door is built with a 1-3/8″ steel section and 5/8″ composite overlay trim.

Why Choose Amarr & D&L Garage Doors in Boise?

  • Quality Assurance: Amarr’s commitment to quality ensures durable, long-lasting doors.
  • Aesthetic Appeal: The wide range of styles and customization options means there’s a door for every home’s style.
  • Security and Efficiency: With a focus on security and energy efficiency, Amarr doors offer peace of mind and cost savings.
  • Environmental Responsibility: Amarr’s sustainable practices align with the growing eco-consciousness in Boise.

D&L Garage Doors: Your Local Amarr Expert

At D&L Garage Doors, we are proud to be a part of the Amarr family, bringing their top-quality products to Boise. Our team is ready to assist you with expert installation and maintenance services, ensuring that your Amarr garage door enhances your home’s appeal and security.

Boise’s Trusted Source for Amarr Garage Doors:

At D&L Garage Doors, we are committed to providing Boise with garage doors that look great and provide security and efficiency. Whether in the heart of downtown Boise or the surrounding areas like Meridian, Nampa, or Eagle, we’re here to serve you with the best garage door solutions.

Contact D&L Garage Doors in Boise:

For homeowners and businesses in Boise looking for premium garage doors, D&L Garage Doors, in partnership with Amarr, offers the perfect blend of quality, style, and local expertise. Visit us or get in touch to discover how we can enhance your property with an Amarr garage door.

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Read our reviews showcasing our customer’s experience with our company, outlining our commitment to service and a happy customer. We are dedicated to customer feedback and reviews to listen to our customers and provide the best possible garage door service in Boise and the entire Treasure Valley. We appreciate our customers taking the time to share their experiences and look forward to working with you.

5 star garage door repair service in boise idaho

It’s never a good day when a garage door goes kaput. After my multiple repairs were clearly not working, we called D&L. Prompt service and a really quick appointment to come out and look at the mess. We ordered a new garage door, and expected to receive it in mid-October. Working in a production field, I fully expected delays, as they are numerous. How tickled is my family that they just installed a beautiful garage door today! At LEAST three weeks EARLIER than I expected!! Wow!! Pleasant, professional, and accommodated a working household’s schedule! I never again have to wonder about anything garage door related! Thanks!

Robert Arrate5 Star Review for a Garage Door Replacement ServicesGoogle Local Listing

Great Work. Wonderful products. Best of all, the people. Very professional but also patient and kind about explaining what was going to be done with the garage door. They were done in about 2 hours. We bought the insulated steel door, we can’t even hear the door open. Thanks so much.

Bonni Cooper5 Star Review for a Garage Door Replacement ServicesGoogle Local Listing

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Same day service is available, *We will do our very best to provide you with same day garage door repair service, ensuring that your issue is resolved as soon as possible. Please do your best to contact our team before 1PM.

*This is not a guarantee, as we will try to do our best to accommodate every customer, No Obligations, All offers are subject to terms and conditions.