Boise Garage Door Panel Repair

Boise Garage Door Panel Repair

We can’t tell you how many people back into their garage door on a daily basis. It happens so frequently and we know just how to handle it when it does. Give a call today to Boise Garage Door Repair dispatchers and we’ll have one of our Boise Garage Door Panel Repair licensed experts visit your home. We will examine your system, diagnose the damage, and provide you with an exact estimate for the repair. Rest assured that when you call D&L, you’ve got the most qualified professionals working on your garage door. We work on all brands and models of doors using the highest quality panels while offering you the lowest possible price. With over 20 years in the garage door industry no other company in Boise is better equipped to handle your repair needs.

Repair Cost Is Very

It’s crucial to acknowledge that panel repair costs a bit more than your average repair. Price is affected by varying factors including, brand, model, size, insulation options, additional features such as windows, as well as the material used (wood, vinyl, etc). For an exact estimate for replacing an individual panel(s) it is best to have one of our licensed Boise Garage Door Panel Repair experts examine your door and suggest all of your options. If your door is older, you should also know that there are many manufacturers that no longer do business in Boise and in order to find an exact match, we may need to order the panel which would also affect the price. Replacing the entire garage door may be more cost effective if multiple panels are damaged.

Garage Door Lifespan

Deciding to replace will depend, in part, on your door’s age. The typical lifespan of a garage door is around 20-25 years. If your door is younger, you may feel more encouraged to simply repair the panel. You should know, however, finding the exact same panel for an older door may be difficult. Environmental factors will also slightly damage the door which may also make finding a match more difficult. If you do have an older door, you should consider upgrading to a newer system. Outdated models don’t have necessary safety features like safety sensors or money saving options like insulation. A newer door also ensures a higher return when selling your home.

Our Recommendation

Boise Garage Door Panel Repair professionals recommend you call us to identify the extent of the damage. Minor damage means minor repairs and shouldn’t be too worrisome. If the door suffered more severe damage like being struck by a vehicle for example, the damage will be more extensive. Larger damages call for larger repairs or even justify replacement. We recommend you call us before attempting to perform any repairs yourself as you could cause severe bodily harm or even death.

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